Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year's Goals

Having Goals Makes us More Productive

Most who have followed me for years, know how much I love to present workshops.  However, those who know me very well, know that I love writing even more.  So, when I was presented with a challenge by  #CrowdtapAmbition to  answered the question of my 2015 goal, I couldn't wait to answer.  Here it is, my New Year's goal.

My 2015 goal is to streamline my consulting business so I have more time to write. Within the first few days of the new year, I've moved 200+ pages from my largest website onto a blog so I don't have to maintain those pages anymore--huge job.

I'm only taking on new clients who truly interest me. Plus, I'm dedicating at least one hour per day for writing fiction. My year end goal is to spend at least five hours each day writing. To stay on track, I'll critique my schedule on the first of each month.

I'm confident that this is the year I publish at least two new fiction books. '

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