Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Marketing Review: #BiolageCleansing Conditioner

Will The YouTube Commercial Video "What Is A Cleansing Conditioner?" Sell A New Hair Product?

As one with long, bushy, frizzy chemically treated hair, I’m always drawn to commercials showing the women with sleek, soft manageable manes.  Instantly, I’m lusting for the product.  Rarely, though, do I pull out the credit card.  Thankfully, my brain checks in. 

However, I recently watched a YouTube commercial video of a product I did end up trying.  Will the video prompt others like me to try their product?  Well, let’s examine their message together.

My first impression

Visually, the video begins with pleasing colors, attractive women with great hair and snappy music.  As the women move, their hair shines and bounces as if on cue.  Seconds later, text flows across the screen announcing. “There is a new way to wash your hair.  And it’s amazing!”  The scene fades introducing Matrix’s celebrity hair stylist George Papanikolas who discusses his client’s worries about harming their hair with harsh shampoos.  Within the first few seconds, I’m engaged. 

What is #BiolageCleansing Conditioner?

Boom!  Within thirty seconds, I’m informed why shampoos can harm hair and what I can do about it.  Attractive bottles of Biolage Cleansing Conditioner float across the screen as an equally attractive woman’s voice fills in all the details. 

Evidently, it is a new cleansing conditioner that goes on like a conditioner, but cleans without stripping and conditions without weight.  The before and after pictures of the women in the video are remarkable.  

Dispelling disbelief?

One issue advertisers need to do is to dispel disbelief.  The viewer has to ‘believe’ the product will work for him or her just as it does on the commercial.  In this case, many viewers, including me, may watch this and think, “The cleansing conditioner can’t be cleaning her hair; it isn’t foaming.” 

Well, the advertiser here actually used that phrase and then showed how it is done.  It’s quite convincing. 

Will you try it?

Please share how you feel about the video.  And if you do decide to try this product, please share your experience with all of us.  You can read my review here.


  1. I must say, they did get me interested in it within the first few seconds. After seeing this I would be willing to give it a try because it has a lot of the things I look for in hair care. They presented it really well!

  2. Thank you for reading this! It really is a good commercial.