Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Career Advice: Internships

How to Get the Job You Want

 Internships Can Lead You to Your Dream Job

Let’s face it, even with the best education, the job market is a tough place to be.  It is incredibly tight and expectations of the newly hired are high. So, what is someone with little work experience to do?  As an etiquette consultant who trains job seekers, I always suggest internships for those who are still in high school and college.  Nevertheless, all can benefit from what a good internship can provide. 

Besides looking great on a resume, what are the advantages and benefits of an internship

As your coworkers and supervisors evaluate you and your work habits, you are best able to evaluate how it would be to work in that business and for that particular company full time.   The internship also provides an opportunity to develop a work ethic and polish your people skills.

Dealing with the scary people and learning new skills. 

More than likely, you will be learning new skills, as the work required may be a new experience for you.  The business may also have unique methods that you can add to your skill set.  As you work on building this new skill set, you are developing the work ethic employers seek.   

Additionally, most workplaces have at least one person who doesn’t play well with others.  Learning how to work alongside people like this isn’t easy.  However, when you do, you have developed life-long people skills that others notice.   Both of these situations are a plus for those who want to find a long-term dream job and keep it.   

How can I find internships? 

Those still in school will have an easier time finding an internship that suits their goals.  Your career counselor or guidance center may have postings or may be able to help you directly.  Teachers may be helpful as well.   

For both those in and out of school, career/job fairs offer a great opportunity to find jobs and internships.  Ensure your cover letter and resume is custom tailored for each company of interest at the fair and dress appropriately—slightly less formal than for a formal interview.   

Besides the career fair, websites such as LinkedIn are a great resource for job and internship seekers.  For example, I typed “internships” in LinkedIn’s search bar and received pages of opportunities.  One was for a Mutual Fund Accounting Intern position. 

What should I do if I can’t find an internship? 

If you are still in school and can’t find an internship for the summer, it’s best to get a summer job.  You will benefit from some of the opportunities of an internship and it will look great on your resume.  For job seekers no longer in school, keep your spirits high and try to stay positive.  Sharpen your people skills by continuously interacting with others.  Peruse the Internet studying frequently asked interview questions—many sites also provide sample answers as well.   Then, practice, practice and then practice again, so you will be ever ready for that interview.    

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