Sunday, May 8, 2016

Business Advice: Travel Tips

Business Travel Etiquette

With leisure travel, you are representing only yourself.  However, with business travel, you are representing your company. The impressions you impart may determine your future business relationship with those you are visiting.


Your attire choices will play a major part in how you are viewed.  However, if time allows, dress in comfortable clothes to reduce stress and help you keep focused on your objectives.  These should still appear conservative, like slacks, neat shirt/blouse, and a jacket/blazer. 
  • Avoid clothing that wrinkles or clings.
  • Track the weather and dress accordingly.
  • Dress slightly more formal than your counterparts do.
  • Pack an extra outfit just in case—unexpected meeting, unplanned trip extension and mishaps. 

Transportation & Technology
  • Expect delays: pack makeup, backup battery charger, antibacterial gel/sheets, noise canceling headphones, pen and paper, business cards and breath mints.
  • Apply for TSA Precheck.
  • Before getting in line, ready your train or plane tickets.
  • Respect all attendants and other travelers.
  • If conducting meetings while in transit, maintain confidentiality and display respect to fellow travelers by speaking quietly. 

Download a Travel/Organization App
  • Evernote helps keep track of boarding pass; reservations; receipts and expenses.
  • Find out where the gates, restaurants and time of arrivals/departures with Gate Guru.
  • Concur tracks and organizes, saves and submits travel expenses. 
If Driving
  • Gaze can assist with unknowns, like heavy traffic or road closures.
  • Even if using a GPS enabled device/app, map out your trip. 
Stay Connected
  • JiWire helps find hot WiFi spots just about anywhere. 

Apps Mentioned
  • Kayak
  • Evernote
  • Gate Guru
  • Gaze
  • Concur
  • JiWire 

Display your respect for your business partners by ensuring you are on time!

You have arrived!  What’s Next?

When meeting with business partners, turn off your cellphone.  Take handwritten notes or ask if using your computer to take notes will be distracting.

Be Prepared
  • Organize all ideas and facts before your meeting.
  • Honestly address concerns or questions that arise during negotiations. 
Tipping The Hotel Maid

Tip $2 to $5 each day depending on the level of service and type of hotel (upscale hotel versus budget hotel).   Use bills enclosed in an envelope address to “Housekeeping” and leave it on the dresser.

Including a short note is a nice gesture.  Perhaps: “I appreciate how much work you have put into my room.”  Alternatively, a simple “Thank you” is fine as well.

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